HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Up-skilling Managers with Villyge

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Debi  Yadegari

Debi Yadegari

Welcome back to another episode of HR Insights: The Podcast!

This week our host Stuart Elliott is joined by Debi Yadegari to introduce our audience to Villyge, a platform to aid businesses in upskilling mangers to lead with empathy through personal life events. 


Debi is the Founder and CEO of Villyge, she started her career as a Wall Street Lawyer before creating Villyge to address the problems she both experienced and witnessed in the workplace. Debi is a sought-after thought leader and working mother of 5, dedicated to shaping the future of work for the next generation to come. 


In this episode Stuart and Debi discuss leading with empathy and how Villyge can help company’s upskill managers in dealing with their employee’s personal life events. They speak about how Debi has found being a female CEO, how Villyge works and the success of the company.


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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:21 – An intro to Debi 
  • 08:15 – What is Villyge?
  • 14:28 – Employees shift in needs
  • 16:29 – The switch to a tech firm 
  • 19:11 – Being a female CEO 
  • 23:44 – How does Villyge work?
  • 29:33 – Where does the knowledge come from?
  • 32:00 – The success of Villyge 
  • 35:07 – Sectors using Villyge 
  • 39:20 – Where next for Villyge