HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - Answering Today's Employee Experience Issues

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Ali  Khan

Ali Khan

We are thrilled to be bringing you the second episode of HR Insights: The Podcast, series 6! 


In this episode, our host Stuart Elliott is joined by Ali Khan, Founder and CEO at SHAPEThis episode covers the current big issues facing HR teams today, how surveys can guarantee a positive employee experience and how to ensure your team is being productive and flourishing. They also discuss Ali’s career and journey to found SHAPEan employee experience measurement company, that helps organisations navigate unprecedented change and challenges in their team. SHAPE uses employee experience data to help employees and the organisation succeed on a global scale.  


Ali works and travels globally to deliver techniques that help employees to flourish across multiple industries. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, and investor, specialising in health, data, and change. Ali’s mission is to help people and businesses do measurably better in work, life, health, culture, and happiness. 


Key Timestamps  

- 01:03 – Introduction to Ali and SHAPE  

- 09:29 – The big issues facing HR teams today  

17:07 – What is meant by employee experience  

- 21:32 – Measuring employee experience  

- 31:12 – How often should companies run employee engagement surveys? 

- 33:27 – How quick should the response action to the survey results be? 

- 35:52 – What is meant by the term flourishing? 

- 42:17 – Employee experience on a global scale