HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - Career Stories: Cultural Competency: Shaping the World of DEI

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Greg Morley

Greg Morley

When implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies into an organisation in an effective way, it is important to cultivate transformation, creativity and ultimately commercial success. Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Moët Hennessy, Greg Morley joins our CEO and host, Stuart Elliott today to speak about his career in DEI and the advice he has acquired over the years for building a safe and effective working community that champions inclusion.

In this episode, Stuart and Greg talk about his long-standing career in Asia and the cultural differences he has encountered that have in turn aided his development within the DEI landscape. They also discuss Greg's insight into the most important factors for making progress around Diversity and Inclusion, highlighted in his upcoming book, ‘BOND: Keys to Inclusion and Belonging’ as well as Greg’s response to recent derogatory articles around DEI and the significance of rewiring the system to enforce real change.

Greg Morley leads Global strategies to increase Diversity, Equity and Inclusion across Moët Hennessy, the luxury wines and spirits division of LVMH, based in Paris. Greg brings personal and professional passion to the development of talent and to helping others achieve more than they believe they can.  Prior to joining Moët Hennessy, he was Vice President, Human Resources Asia Pacific for Hasbro, Inc.  and was Vice President, Human Resources for the Shanghai Disney Resort based in Shanghai.  Greg played a leading role in the team that produces Gay Games Hong Kong 2023, a participant sports, culture and inclusion event, in Asia for the first time in its 40 years history.

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Key Timestamps:

- 01:02 - Intro into Greg Morley
- 3:40 - Greg's transition into HR
- 9:00 - The cultural appeal of working in Asia
- 15:41 - The most important factors in making progress around Diversity and Inclusion
- 23:20 - Greg's upcoming book: 'BOND: Keys to Inclusion and Belonging'
- 31:56 - Response to recent derogatory views on DE&I
- 40:28 - The 2024 agenda for DE&I
- 48:25 - Advice for people throughout their career in HR