HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - Dismantling Pay Inequity One Gap at A Time

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Michelle Gyimah

Michelle Gyimah

As we head towards the end of the year, one prevalent conversation in 2023 amongst organisations is around pay gaps. Our host, Stuart Elliott is joined by pay gap expert, Michelle Gyimah to talk through how companies can decipher what their compensation data is telling them in order to improve workplace culture. 

In this conversation, Stuart and Michelle touch on various types of pay gaps, from gender to ethnicity and disability and the importance of recognising the lesser-known gaps. They also talk through the steps companies should be taking to address these pay discrepancies including educating employees fully and regularly to enforce real change and developing effective communication plans. Michelle also explains how remote working has influenced pay inequity and advises that companies should be using pay gap data as a start point for acknowledging the deeper nuances within their organisations. 


Michelle Gyimah is a financial coach and CEO of Equality Pays,  a pay gap consultancy that provides businesses with the coaching, support and confidence they want and need to educate them on the root causes of their pay gaps. With over 15 years of experience, 10 of which were spent at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Michelle’s role is to help organisations identify what is necessary to address their pay gap discrepancies and implement them into their business strategy, thus creating more inclusive, equitable workplaces. 

Key Timestamps:

01:37 – An introduction to Michelle Gyimah

06:10 – The different types of pay gap

08:16 – The importance of strong leadership in implementing effective strategy 

13:43 – Educating people on pay gaps

18:08 – Developing engaging communication strategies 

24:55 – Working with people to eradicate fears around pay gaps

29:03 – The influence of remote working on the pay gap

39:55 – Using the pay gap conversation to address deeper nuances within a business