HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - Evolving the Landscape of Remote Working

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Jaime  Nacach

Jaime Nacach

Remote Working has been a topic of great significance for the last couple of decades, and has come to the fore over the past few years, amidst the COVID pandemic. Joining our CEO and host, Stuart Elliott today is Jaime Nacach, entrepreneur, marketer and Founder & CEO of Virtual Latinos, a company focused on hiring remote professionals from Latin America. 

In this episode, Stuart and Jaime discuss how Jaime accumulated knowledge from his marketing background to set up Virtual Latinos and how it has grown to help over 900 businesses so far since its inception in 2018. He also highlights the advantages of utilising his company for hiring and their process of finding ‘quality’ talent for their clients. The evolution of remote work is also examined, with an emphasis on the positive shift in its perception and effectiveness in encouraging productivity. Jaime also shares some useful tips for those looking to outsource professionals and the importance of ensuring everyone feels like a valued member of the team, no matter where they are based. Finally, the advantages of being ahead of the curve and utilising quality talent all over the world are stressed. 

Jaime is an entrepreneur, marketer, self-taught tech expert, and the Founder and CEO of Virtual Latinos. He was born in Mexico City but has now been living the majority of his life in San Diego, California. He has combined his creativity and business strategy experience to create a digital marketing agency, Bloominari, and a recruitment agency called Virtual Latinos focused on hiring remote professionals from Latin America. So far, Virtual Latinos has helped over 900 companies to elevate their levels of freedom, success, and growth, and has assisted over 1,000 Latino professionals in finding their dream remote jobs. 

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:34 - Intro into Jaime Nacach
  • 07:45 - Advantages of utilising Virtual Latinos 
  • 10:12 - The evolving landscape of remote work
  • 18:38 - The shift in the perception of remote work
  • 23:25 - Benefits of hiring in Latin America 
  • 35:06 - How technology has evolved to enhance Jaime's business
  • 37:36 - The future of international hiring 
  • 42:48 - Key advice for those considering outsourcing