HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - Omni – A Digital AI Coach in Your Pocket

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Welcome back to a brand new series of HR Insights: The Podcast! We are back with Series 6 and we will be bringing you more topical HR discussions and amazing guestsYou can look forward to episodes around AI, HR Tech, Employee EngagementDEI, the Gender Pay Gap, inspiring HR career stories and so much more.  

Today we are joined by a familiar face, Ben WilliamsCEO and Co-Founder, Loopin. In this episode Stuart and Ben sit down to chat through his newest AI powered product Omni, the fear surrounding AI, losing the human touch and worries around AI reducing the number of jobs for humans. Powered by LoopinOmni is an AI assistantthat aims to make learning and development easier by acting as an employees own personalised AI coach enriched with your data. Omni can engage with countless employees simultaneously and hold conversations that mirror insight from senior team members.  

Ben appeared in previous episode of the podcast where he introduced us to his company, Loopin and discussed his difficult past and subsequent life changing career as a Royal Marines Commando. Ben went onto found Loopina tool that checks in with your employees and aims to make people feel ‘more human’ at work. He has appeared on various other podcasts, including ‘The Diary of a CEO. He has also written a book ‘The Commando Mindset’ where he reveals his process for achieving goals of any size to help take your life to the next level. 

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Key Timestamps  

- 03:03 – Introducing Ben Williams  

- 04:13 – Learn about Loopin and Omni 

- 14:29 – Why people fear AI  

- 22:51 – Understanding Omni  

- 32:07 – AI automating roles  

- 39:23 – Risk of losing that personal touch 

- 46:27 - Making AI part of your life