HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - Tackling Burnout with HumanOS

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Bianca Errigo

Bianca Errigo

As we approach the end of season 6 we wanted to bring back a topic that has continued to be a critical issue for organisations over the last few years. This topic is still front of mind for many as 2023 reported the highest level of sick leave in a decade with more people taking time off with mental health struggles and the average age of burnout sitting at 32.

Today our CEO and Host, Stuart Elliott, is joined by Co-Founder of HumanOS, Bianca Errigo to speak about burnout and the healthy habits one can adopt to combat it. Throughout the conversation, Bianca and Stuart chatted about her career prior to co-founding HumanOS and the motivation behind the company, touching on how she began her career working for the world's largest IT services company but after several successful but extremely stressful years within their top-performing global sales team, coupled with the loss of her father, Bianca saw a dramatic deterioration in her own health. This led to hospitalisation, and she decided to make some changes, transforming her life to become a wellness coach and building a tech start-up. Continuing the conversation Stuart and Bianca discussed habits to encourage high performance, the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace, whether preventing burnout should be owned by the individual or an organisation and how to meet the needs of a diverse workspace and minimise the generational gaps. 

Bianca is a wellness expert and speaker, recently awarded American Express "Speaker of the Year 2023" for her work around "Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace". She is recognised by Cisco for the impact she had with their "Women In Cisco" community. Bianca is the Co-Founder of health optimisation platform HumanOS. She is also a Stress Management Specialist, CBT and Mindfulness Practitioner, Level 3 Life-coach, Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and originally graduated with a BSc in Psychology. Bianca now combines her education and time working in the corporate world, with over 10,000 one-to-one coaching hours and experience partnering with some of the world's largest organisations, to deliver talks that aim to enhance both employee health and business success. 

You can check out the articles mentioned in the episode via the links below:

If you are interested in having a session with Bianca we are able to offer our listeners a complimentary strategy call, you can sign up here. You can also download HumanOS’ 2024 white paper on the discrepancy between the rise of corporate welling solutions and the fall in employee wellbeing. The paper includes actionable takeaways for organisations looking to improve their employee wellbeing. 

Key Timestamps:

  1. 02:06 – An introduction to Bianca 
  2. 07:34 – Symptoms of burnout 
  3. 10:13 - Bianca’s story 
  4. 15:59 – Building habits with HumanOS
  5. 21:30 – What is the knowing/doing gap?
  6. 29:28 – Who should take ownership of mental health at work?
  7. 31:46 – What is the ROI for having a good wellbeing strategy?
  8. 33:18 – Emotional intelligence in the workplace
  9. 38:01 – Tips for employers introducing a wellbeing strategy 
  10. 41:57 – Advice for employees dealing with mental health issues