HR Insights: The Podcast, Series 6 - An Untapped Talent Pool: Disability in the Workplace

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Toby Mildon

Toby Mildon

Over the last year, we have seen pushback from organisations around their DEI agenda with many questioning their approach to the topic. To bring some clarity to the situation, Diversity & Inclusion Architect, Toby Mildon, joins our CEO and Host Stuart Elliott, for today’s episode of HR Insights: The Podcast. 

In this episode, Stuart and Toby discuss his disability and how his personal and professional experiences with inequality when applying for roles affected him and led to his passion for diversity and inclusion. They also chat about what organisations do well in the DEI space and how they can improve, especially in the equity aspect of the acronym. The conversation then explores what Toby believes will aid the future of DEI, leading to a discussion on AI and the anxiety around new technology and the paralysis of fear when employing disabled staff.

As a Diversity & Inclusion Architect, Toby is passionate about creating diverse workplaces and cultures that are inclusive, which stemmed from his own experiences as a disabled man. He has helped some of the UK’s largest companies improve their staff retention, brand innovation, productivity and performance. Toby has also written a book called Inclusive Growth, which aims to future-proof organisations by creating a diverse workplace and providing a practical framework that allows the company to grow and succeed.

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Key Timestamps:

  • 01:40: An introduction to Toby
  • 07:25: Workplace barriers for disabled people
  • 15:51: Toby’s book - Inclusive Growth 
  • 18:53: Organisations that do well in the DEI space
  • 21:04: The shift in HR's focus on DEI
  • 25:39: The future of DEI 
  • 28:12: Hiring managers' fears around hiring people with disabilities
  • 36:25: Tips for prioritising DEI with the aim to retain and obtain top talent