HR Insights - The Podcast: Covid-19 Mini Series. Leadership – What Dynamics Succeed In Difficult Times?

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


In these unchartered waters leaders are trying to navigate their organisations through the Pandemic. Various outlets are bombarding them with what they need to do but not how and crisis management means they are struggling to look ahead and plan for the future. With no idea how long the current situation will go on for what qualities are needed to survive and thrive?

In the second episode of our Covid-19 mini series Stuart Elliott, CEO and Owner of Elliott Scott HR and Susannah Yule, Director at YSC Consulting New York discuss the challenges leaders are facing, what leadership qualities are needed right now and how leaders can look ahead and prepare themselves and their organisations for the next chapter.

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Next week Stuart and Susannah will be looking at the team dynamic during a crisis.

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Key timestamps:

1.28: How the challenges leaders are currently facing are different to before

3.36: The impact being seen on staff productivity

8.03: The leadership qualities that are most important right now

13.23: How to prepare for the future

15.36: The business behaviours that are most likely to result in an organisation that thrives