HR Insights - The Podcast: Covid-19 Mini Series. The Impact of Coronavirus on the Team Dynamic

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


In 2020, for the first time in history, many teams had to move to remote working with minimal preparation. Now that the early, adrenaline fuelled, days of crisis management are over, how teams collaborate and are led in the virtual environment will determine the future success of organisations.

In the final episode of our Covid-19 mini series Stuart Elliott, CEO and Owner of Elliott Scott HR and Susannah Yule, Director at YSC Consulting New York tackle the issues surrounding the impact of the crisis on the team. They share how to foster positive collaboration, create conditions that encourage diversity of thought, the importance of giving teams purpose and how to create cohesion and a sense of connectivity throughout the business.

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Key timestamps:

1.03: How the current situation is impacting the team dynamic

2.34: What high levels of collaboration look like in the workplace

5.13: How to maintain diversity of thought in the current situation

7.17: What makes a high performing team

8.56: The importance of purpose and clarity

14.37: Creating cohesion and a sense of connectivity

18:41: Some of the pitfalls leadership teams can fall into and the importance of dedicating time to the team dynamic