HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 1: Free Range Thinking

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


Disruption, change and the need for innovation have defined the business landscape in 2020.

In the latest episode of HR Insights – The Podcast Emily Ramji chats to Kristin Dudley from Co-Create about how teams and networks can stimulate and capture innovative thinking through her proprietary Free Range Thinking approach. Also joining the discussion is Roshan Jayawardena, Managing Director for Elliott Scott HR’s North America business. Rosh shares how “Free Range Thinking” enabled our New York HR Community to invent creative ways to disrupt the job interview process.

New episodes will be released every fortnight.

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Key Timestamps:

3.35: How Rosh first met Kristin and what inspired them to form a partnership

5.08: What ‘Free Range Thinking’ is

6.16: The steps to facilitate a Free Range Thinking event

11.07: Some of the ideas that came from the Free Range Thinking event series on ‘Disrupting the Job Interview’

14.24: Rosh’s highlights from running a Free Range Thinking event series

17.18: How participants have progressed with the ideas generated to bring about change in their organisations

21.04: What’s next in the Co-Create x Elliott Scott HR partnership