HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 1: How Antifragility can Benefit People and Organisations

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


Welcome to our second guest episode of HR Insights - The Podcast, where our host Emily Ramji is chatting to Dan Spira, Managing Director, North America at Arcadia Consulting.

In today’s episode Dan introduces the concept of antifragility and discusses how to identify and harness it to drive individual and organisational performance, alongside how antifragility differs to resilience and growth mind-set.

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Key Timestamps:

2.40: Why are we talking about antifragility today? And how is it pronounced?

8.08: How is antifragility different to resilience? 9.46: Good stress versus bad stress

12.08: How is antifragility the same or different to growth mindset? 13.22: Dan, how fragile, resilient or antifragile are you personally? 14.58: Examples of where famous, or iconic people, have or haven’t demonstrated antifragility 16.41: How is antifragility relevant for HR professionals in their careers? 18.54: How do organizations identify somebody that is antifragile and would be comfortable with stress or change that will benefit them, versus individuals where it would hinder them and they'd be fearful or less productive? 21.12: How to create resilience and antifragility in teams and organisations 22.34: Creating the right balance of antifragility within an organisations culture or within specific teams 27.55: How to avoid becoming fragilised and become antifragilised.​