HR Insights - The Podcast, Series 2: Leading Agile Organisations

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


Our latest episode of HR Insights The Podcast is available for download now! This week our host Emily Ramji is speaking to Marc Dellaert, General Manager Europe at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Marc is a Consultant, Leader, Author, Coach and Key Note Speaker for a range of topics, including Agile. Emily and Marc discuss the concept of organisational agility, looking at its growing importance in the world we’re living in today and the key role both leaders and HR professionals play to enable agile cultures and teams.

New episodes will be released every fortnight.

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Key Timestamps:

1:40 - Biggest HR Trends of 2021

5:50 - Defining an Agile workplace

7:49 - The importance of companies becoming agile

13:00 - What triggers a company to incorporate an agile culture

15:55 - How leaders power their teams to work collaboratively

18:50 - Learning how to be agile

19:50 - The role HR plays in agile transformation

25:07 - Can a company be both agile and non-agile