HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 2: Wellbeing Benefits for the Modern Workforce

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


This week on HR Insights - The Podcast, our host Emily Ramji is chatting to Jonathan Shooshani, Co-Founder of JOON.

Jon has spent the last decade working at the intersection of wellness and technology and is passionate about building businesses that help people lead happier and healthier lives.

Emily and Jon discuss the latest thinking on wellbeing benefits for the modern workforce. In order to create a culture of wellness and wellbeing, organisations need to gather data in order to design tailored interventions that have the most impact, alongside leaders at the top of the organisation role modelling the use of the benefits on offer.

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Key Timestamps:​

3:11 : The difference between Wellness and Wellbeing

5:02 : HR and Employee Experience Technologies

7:04 : JOON's approach to Employee Wellbeing

8:07 : Flexible Wellbeing Benefits

10:00 : Forming new habits with our Wellbeing

11:51 : Organisations that are creating a culture of Wellness

13:15 : How Wellness has influenced the employee life cycle

15:05 : Corporate Wellness done right

17:58 : The Story behind the name JOON

20:40 : The Future of Wellness and Wellbeing

21:50 : Employee Wellness and Benefits within the Recruitment stage