HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: Are Annual Performance Reviews a Thing of the Past?

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Our next episode of HR Insights – The Podcast is out now! Stuart Elliott chats to Roly Walter, Founder of Appraisd, an employee performance management system that is unique in aiming to help managers get the best from their team members.

Appraisd began in Roly’s garden shed where he combined his experience working as an HR and business analyst with his interest in coding. He began with the kernel of an idea: an employee-first approach to performance and development; something that employees would find genuinely useful, something HR would be proud of implementing and something managers would find a blessed relief from the tired and out-dated appraisal forms they were used to. Since then the company has grown substantially.

In this episode Stuart and Roly question whether the annual performance review process is outdated, the pain points around them and Roly shares various ideas around how career conversations could be structured instead.

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Key timestamps:

6.20: A few years ago annual performance reviews were reported to be things of the past, why are they still around?

10.10: How career conversations could be structured

12.02: 95% of managers are unhappy with the traditional performance review process, why?

15.08: Advice for conducting performance reviews remotely

20.50: Employee engagement pulse surveys and tech – what Roly and Stuart are seeing people do differently in the market

26.23: Statistics show the positive impact flexible working has had on employees, what is the response to companies who want people back in the office five days a week?

29.59: Roly’s key piece of advice to HR on the performance review process