HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: Are You Emotionally Literate?

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


In this weeks episode Stuart Elliott chats to Laura Simpson, Founder and Executive Coach at Altura Coaching.

Laura is an as an EMCC-accredited executive coach, who helps those in high-performance environments dismantle the obstacles stopping them from thriving at work. Before launching her coaching business, Laura was hired by Latham & Watkins to lead on trainee development. Prior to that, she spent almost three years as Recruitment and Learning & Development Manager for Katten Muchin Rosenman. Laura is passionate about emotional literacy. We all experience and transition through various emotions daily, whether we are comfortable with them or not. Often they are signposts of our values and needs and seek to be addressed.

In this episode Laura talks us through why emotions matter in the workplace, the skills needed to develop emotional literacy and agility and how individuals and organisations can start their journey.

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Key Timestamps:

6.25: Why is emotional literacy important and what is it?

12.30: Why do emotions matter in the workplace?

15.06: Being emotionally agile

16.06: Are some emotions more important than others?

17.33: Can people who show emotions at work be successful?

19.30: Anger in the workplace

22.08: The impact of toxic positivity

26.00: Adapting your emotions to meet others

26.42: The skills needed to develop emotional literacy

30.25: Is there a place for people who don’t want to display emotion and how can they be more emotionally literate?

32.50: What actions individuals and organisations should take to start their emotional literacy journey