HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: De-stress Yourself

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, Stuart Elliott chats to Kathleen Bosman, Author, HR Expert, and ICF Professional Certified Coach.

Kathleen has extensive experience in Human Resources and Sales, having led teams of up to 200 people in companies such as Citibank and Unilever.An accredited coach, she has also worked with organisations to develop a coaching culture and today she works closely with CEOs, HR leaders and management teams in all sectors to develop their coaching skills and bring a growth mindset into the organisation. 

 This month is stress awareness month. We are in the midst of a global mental health crisis and cases of chronic stress and anxiety are on the rise. We all experience both negative and positive stress in our lives, negative stress can have a physical impact, make us feel tired, anxious, sad, and lead to poor health and burnout. In 2020 Kathleen wrote a book ‘DE-STRESS YOURSELF’, a self-paced step-by-step guide for becoming your own stress master. 

In this episode Stuart and Kathleen discuss the causes and impacts of stress, how we can work to decrease our stress and how organisations can play a part in this.

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Key Timestamps:

6.43: The causes of stress and burnout

10.20: Is the pressure we experience typically influenced by internal or external factors?

11.23: Is all stress bad?

15.38: How positive and negative stress can differ between people

16.15: How can we manage and decrease our stress?

26.48: How organisations can create a healthy, sustainable environment.