HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: Employee Experience - Treating Your Employees Like Customers

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


We’re excited to share the latest episode of HR Insights – The Podcast with you. This week our host Stuart Elliott speaks with Bianca Stringuini, Head of People Experience and Culture at KPMG.

For the past 15 years Bianca has been responsible for creating and implementing I&D, Wellbeing, Engagement and Change Management strategies for Fortune 500 companies across multiple markets. She currently leads the People Experience and Culture team at KPMG in Singapore, where their aim is to create the best employee value proposition and experience to everyone in an inclusive and human centric manner.

In this episode Stuart and Bianca discuss how to build and implement an effective employee experience and company culture, the importance of incorporating inclusion, wellbeing and change into this and how to seek feedback and learn what your company's employees want and need.

New episodes of the podcast will be released weekly.

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Key Timestamps:

4.04: What is employee experience?

7.19: Addressing employee experience in your company

8.46: How to create a culture that employees value

10.44: The rise in importance of employee wellbeing 

 15.00: Building an inclusive employee experience 

16.37: How often should company's review their culture? 

 18.47: Gauging your company's culture

 20.43: Role modelling your company values through behaviour 

 22.13: Company culture in a hybrid working environment 

 25.44: Can you build culture in a fully remote organisation? 

 28.00: Three tips for any company currently reviewing their employee experience