HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: The Power of HR Data in Driving Organisational Change

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, our host Stuart Elliott is speaking to Jordan Pettman, Head of Organisation Analytics and Insights at London Stock Exchange Group.

Jordan has worked in People Analytics for around a decade, as both a consultant working with leading organisations all over the world, and in-house at his current role with LSEG. Prior to this he worked at Nestlé, where one of his projects was recently published in the Excellence in People Analytics book.

Stuart and Jordan discuss how data is a widely accepted part of our everyday lives, the value of being a data driven organisation, how it can create the right change when you speak the language of the company and how collecting employees data is vital in creating an inclusive and diverse organisation.

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Key Timestamps:

9.00: How data has become a part of our lives

13.14: A case study on speaking the language of the organisation to make data driven decisions from Jordan’s time at Nestlé

20.10: Being data driven vs data supported

21.42: The impact of GDPR - what if most employees start to refuse to give their data to the organisation?

27.02: Is data helping businesses become more inclusive?

32.42: Educating the organisation on the behaviours needed to reach objectives