HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 2: Why Mental Health Needs To Be at the Top of Your Workplace Agenda in 2021

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, our host Emily Ramji is speaking to Zoe Sinclair, Co-Founder of This Can Happen, a business set up to empower workplace mental health.

This Can Happen was born out of a passion to support employees in the context of work and life, something that Zoe has been doing for nearly twenty years. Mental Health Awareness week runs in the UK between the 10th- 16th May, ahead of this Zoe and Emily discuss some of the key challenges organisations face when discussing mental health as well as considering the different attributes of companies that foster a positive mental health culture. Zoe also shares her views on the best first steps to take for those organisations that are looking to embrace mental health.

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Key Timestamps:

5.04: Jonny’s '#FindMike' Story: Co-Founder of This Can Happen

9.30: How Zoe became involved in workplace mental health.

11.32: What is This Can Happen?

13.00: How Prince William got involved with This Can Happen

15.11: The definition of mental health and what that means

16.47: The effect of the pandemic on the This Can Happen conference

18.55: Challenges in talking about mental health with confidence in the workplace

23.55: Attributes of a mentally healthy workplace

31.38: First steps to create awareness of mental health

33.34: This year’s conference dates