Talent Management

Those in Talent Management will work to develop and retain high performing employees. They will look to identify the talent populations needed, define their development paths and maximise employee potential.

Depending on the organisations size, Talent Management roles range from Junior to Senior level.

Those in Talent Management roles will:

  • Conduct skill gap analyses to determine personnel needs 
  • Create assessment approaches to identify talent
  • Discuss career path and development options with high potential talent
  • Design and deliver training, coaching and mentoring programs 
  • Develop succession and contingency plans
  • Devise diverse approaches to talent management 
  • Work in partnership with HRBPs and other COEs such as DEI, Leadership Development and HR Analytics 

Job titles for this discipline include, Talent (Management): Coordinator, Executive, Specialist, Coach, Lead, Assistant Manager, Manager, Partner. Senior Talent Manager, Head of Talent, Director of Talent.  ​

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