Global Webinar: In Partnership with Loopin - Unravelling the Role and Value of Generative Al in L&D

Over the last year, the topic of AI technology has been of huge significance but is often a subject people approach with caution. This is due to its...

Over the last year, the topic of AI technology has been of huge significance but is often a subject people approach with caution. This is due to its potential power to eradicate the need for specific roles within organisations. In fact, in our Global HR Survey run in 2023, when asked if people were looking to implement a generative AI platform into their HR tech, an equal amount voted for and against, thus highlighting the unease around its place within businesses. 

 In light of this, on 21st February, we held a global webinar in partnership with Loopin, to delve into how we can embrace what AI can do for us in terms of elevating an organisation and providing insights and data to help a company thrive. The webinar was hosted by our CEO & Owner, Stuart Elliott and welcomed Co-Founder of Loopin, Ben Williams who shared his journey into the tech world and the role his boutique consultancy plays in employee learning and development. 

You can watch the full webinar above. 

Key Takeaways:  

Definition of Generative AI: 

The webinar began with an introduction to Ben Williams and his background, from spending 10 years in the Royal Marines to setting up his boutique tech consultancy focused on employee learning and development. The conversation kicked off by discussing the definition of Generative AI and its ability to generate various forms of content. Also highlighted was AI’s impact on enhancing training and development initiatives within organisations by personalising experiences, addressing knowledge transfer challenges and improving access for employees. 

Strategic Insights and Proactive Action:

The topic of the ‘forgetting curve’ in traditional training methods was then discussed, emphasising how Generative AI can aid in knowledge retention and application by providing real-time support and reinforcement, acting as a tool for coaching and follow-ups on learning beyond the classroom. The conversation flowed around AI’s capability to aggregate and analyse data on employee experiences and sentiments to tackle challenges like burnout, leadership development and talent management, highlighting the overall impact on organisational performance. 

Efficiency through technology: 

The discussion then progressed to the distinction between the services AI Loopin offer vs a bot. Ben argued the two-dimensionality and inefficiency of the latter compared to an AI driven tool that essentially sits behind the so-called bot to consolidate data into actionable reports and improve the overall customer-service capability. Through this technology, employees can quickly access information and resolve issues without wasting time searching through manuals or contacting multiple people for help. 

The Impact of AI on Talent Management: 

 A question asked by an audience member highlighted the consensus amongst CHROs that Generative AI will impact talent management significantly; there will inevitably be a shift in how employees seek guidance and support within organisations. However, Ben recognised this as an opportunity to offer accessible answers and coaching without judgement or bias, thus allowing people to progress through the company and address sensitive topics. In addition, Ben highlighted how AI can be used to address managerial difficulties; providing ‘bad’ managers with the proper training and resources to lead a team effectively and rid themselves of the derogatory label. 

 Partnerships and Proprietary Solutions: 

The conversation then extended to industries like law where compliance and regulatory measures may pose challenges when implementing this technology. There was emphasis on the necessity of leaner, more adaptive approaches in order to remain competitive. Moreover, there was a focus on promoting cooperation between companies and external training providers, as well as the creation of unique tools aimed at customising learning experiences to align with specific organisational cultures, visions, and values.


Thank you to Ben Williams for sharing his expertise in leveraging generative AI to enhance organisational processes, improve the customer experience and create more effective, personalised and culturally aligned learning solutions. 


Key Timestamps:

01:29: Introducing Ben

05:52: Defining Generative AI

07:24: How Ben got into the world of Generative AI

12:14: Leveraging AI to sustain an action state while learning

12:36: The Forgetting Curve

18:00: The Value of training and workshops

20:19: Generational distractions and attention spans

28:21: Is Generative AI a bot?

33:29: Social listening tools

40:46: Building AI software and knowing how to utilise it efficiently

44:30: AI's impact on talent management and eradicating 'bad' managers

50:28: Catering to regulatory and compliance measures in industries like law

53:09: Reemphasising learning from external training vendors