We are increasingly seeing and assisting organisations hire into newly created Wellbeing roles. This specialist will ensure the holistic wellbeing of an organisations employees is supported in order ensure they are happy, healthy and productive and also serves to attract and retain talent.

An organisations wellbeing programme should feed into a company’s values, its culture and employee engagement. 

As an emerging position we are typically seeing this role in larger organisations at the Mid to Senior level. 

Those in Wellbeing will:

  • Develop and implement a strategy that ties into the business needs, devised in partnership with the key stakeholders in the organisation
  • Create Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) – which are work based interventions designed to help employees resolve personal problems 
  • Devise and implement a range of mental health initiatives, activities and training sessions to spread awareness, recognise those that are struggling and meet the diverse needs of the workforce 
  • Advise and input into the programmes of the various HR departments, e.g. in; DEI, Internal Communications, Total Rewards, Learning and Development etc 
  • Seek ways for the organisation to be involved with wider issues and causes
  • Encourage and promote the work-life balance of employees 
  • Look into the organisations impact on the wider community and how it can enhance this and create volunteering opportunities for employees. Creating a visible impact provides a sense of purpose and direction and is a boost for employees struggling with their mental health 
  • Keep a pulse on wellbeing trends and new initiatives
  • Report on the effectiveness and progression of programmes to the key stakeholders 

Job titles for this position include, Wellbeing: Advisor, Coach, Manager, Specialist, Director, Facilitator, Senior Manager, Champion, Coordinator, Lead. Head of Wellbeing. You might also see titles that prefix wellbeing with ‘health’ such as ‘Head of Health and Wellbeing’ and it may be combined with other functions such as DEI or Rewards. ​

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