Boost Your Resilience in the New Reality

4 Minutes

Elliott Scott HR UK recently held a webinar for HR leaders in Partnership with Thierry Mosch...

Elliott Scott HR UK recently held a webinar for HR leaders in Partnership with Thierry Moschetti, Partner at the Resilience Institute Europe. The UK was about to go into a second national lockdown so the session was very timely and provided participants with practical tips to cultivate a resilient mindset and navigate the next stage of the crisis with energy, confidence, and clarity.

Thierry took us through 10 ways in which we can commit to boosting our mental fitness: Monotask Reduce distractions Work offline – at least once a day Reach out and connect to others - at least once a day Schedule 'me time in your agenda Create calm and rejuvenate everyday Move more and eat consciously Secure sleep Centre yourself once a day Practice CCC (catch, check, change) to chase toxic thoughts Our HR community volunteered which tip resonated with them the most and what they will be striving to do more of over the coming weeks. Many commented that they will definitely try monotasking, surprised at the negative effect multitasking can have. Others said that they will connect more with loved ones, particularly family.

Also prevalent was building meditation into daily routines to calm a busy mind. You can view the full webinar recording here to learn more: The Resilience Institute is dedicated to supporting individuals and teams so they thrive in times of change with an evidence-based, practical, and integral methodology bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

If you would be interested in running a resilience session, like the webinar above, for your team or organization, please get in touch with Thierry at If you would be interested in partnering with Elliott Scott HR on a webinar for our HR Community or would like to discuss current opportunities or your hiring needs, you can get in touch with Kirstin Hunt, Director, Head of UK and Europe at