Candidate Advice: Why Work With a Recruitment Company?

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Job hunting can be a stressful and time-consuming process, searching through hundreds of job...

Job hunting can be a stressful and time-consuming process, searching through hundreds of job adverts, tweaking your CV for each individual role, having to take time out of your evening or weekend to do so. However, working with a recruitment company can help alleviate some of this stress. With their expert knowledge of the market and vast networks, Recruiters can find roles for candidates which best suit their experience and expectations. 

In the same way that the world’s greatest footballers use agents and the world’s most talented artists use art galleries, recruitment agencies help to frame candidates in the best possible light, ensuring they realise their potential in the most suitable role for them.

In this fourth instalment of our “Candidate Advice” series, the Elliott Scott HR team have shared key reasons for why you should work with a recruitment company. 

Process Assistance & Support

A recruiter looks after every detail in the recruitment process, acting as a constant support for candidates and taking care of the whole hiring process to make the job change as comfortable as possible for the candidate. 

Market Specialists

Recruiters are experts in their field, they are extremely knowledgeable on the market and will provide their candidates with intel. They will guide candidates through the recruitment process and help them secure their next opportunity. At Elliott Scott HR we get to know our candidates so that even if we don’t have the perfect role on hand at the time, we will ensure we get in touch when the right one comes along.

Vast Network of Companies  

Recruiters work closely with their network of clients. They can suggest the right organisation, suitable to the candidates’ skills and requirements.

Feedback on your Interview Skills or Resume 

Recruiters help their candidates to prepare for their interview rounds, as they have strong standing relationships with the organisation and are able to provide insights about the candidates prospective employer. They will also provide feedback following interviews which can help to develop candidates for future opportunities.

Negotiating a Package 

It is always in an agencies best interest to seek out the best possible role, company culture and compensation for their candidate. Not only does this ensure the success of the agency and the candidate, but it also ensures that clients who hire staff, get the most suitable caliber of candidate for their role. When an offer is made your recruitment consultant will do the ‘heavy lifting’ and negotiate compensation and any other requirements you have such as flexible working.

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 Thank you to our team who contributed to this blog: Peter Fahy and Rinkal Choudhary.

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