HR Seminar London: Taking the Pulse on your Organisation

4 Minutes

On the 8th of November Elliott Scott HR UK held an interactive HR seminar in partnership wit...

On the 8th of November Elliott Scott HR UK held an interactive HR seminar in partnership with Arcadia Consulting and Footdown, who joined us to present their innovative ‘Robo-consult’ technology.

Using a unique software tool participants were able to take an organisational health reading in real time, enabling them to see and explore the real issues in their business.

HR has evolved massively from when it was seen as an administrative function, not necessarily involved in decision making with no use of analytics. To the present day where HR has become more advisory, now seen as a business partner and involved in operational decision making. It is the businesses who are constantly looking to evaluate themselves and their workforce that will be able to attract and retain the best talent. This can be helped through the use of analytics, reporting and metrics, the findings of which can be presented back to the business.

HR of the future will be seen as a strategic partner which shapes the overall organisational strategy by representing critical talent considerations. It will employ advanced analytics using a forward looking mentality and anticipating major talent concerns. In this ever advancing market, businesses need tools which show them where their problems lie and Footdowns ‘Robo-consult’ delivers this. Through a series of ten minute questions it instantly measured the culture, performance and engagement of our participant’s organisations. Providing instant results, which we could all see appearing in graph form on the screen before us, the audience was shown how the majority were feeling around the aforementioned key areas.

For the purpose of the session the event group represented a hypothetical organisation which illustrated from the results displayed that the culture was mainly competitive and results oriented. The businesses performance hinted at a growing organisation which has had success but its people are wondering ‘what’s next’. The engagement graph showed that there is a level of anxiety in the organisation – people are pushing hard and stress levels are rising but the employees are committed and not looking likely to leave. This is a glimpse into some of the insights you can gain using this technology.

In a real business situation where Footdown work with a single organisation the aim would be to take a reading which highlights the problem areas and in partnership Arcadia Consulting can advise on the right steps to bring about organisational change. A key feature of this tool and its instantaneous nature is that it gathers a lot of information in a short amount of time, enabling an organisation to bring about immediate change. The aim is to then to revisit it in three months’ time and again in a further six months in order to see the progress. From our hypothetical organisation we would hope to see the culture transform to one of collaboration and agility. The performance to one that’s building for the future and empowering its employees with clear direction. And the engagement to shift to a team with lower stress levels and higher engagement.

Following the demo our guests shared their thoughts and continued conversations over drinks and canapés, mingling with the teams from Elliott Scott HR, Arcadia Consulting and Footdown.

Our next event series will be kicking off in 2019 with new and exciting HR seminars. If you would be interested in attending, keep an eye on our events page, follow us on LinkedIn where we post regular updates or get in touch with myself at to find out more.