My Marketing Internship with Elliott Scott Group

5 Minutes

Graduating amidst a pandemic has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging things I have ...

Graduating amidst a pandemic has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging things I have had to experience, the job market was at its most competitive and trying to stand out amongst a million other graduates became exceedingly hard. After months of applying, I was overjoyed to have been accepted onto this internship with the Elliott Scott Group and was ready to begin my career. 

At University my strengths were always within creativity, I loved graphic design and creating content. I also really enjoyed promotion and being able to make a product or brand desirable to an audience. Combining both of my passions made me want to pursue a career within marketing and explore the industry further. Therefore, upon graduating, I knew marketing was the career path for me. Studying Fashion Communication and Promotion broadened my skills within visual communication, promotion, advertising, etc. Coming from a fashion background, recruitment was an industry I never really thought of working within, but without realizing, many of the skills I gained on my course have been transferable to this role at the Elliott Scott Group. 

The competitive job market forced me to apply for jobs outside of the fashion realm and I am glad it did. I had my initial preconceptions towards the recruitment industry as I’m sure many others do, thinking that it was a very corporate and intimidating place to work however I was happy to find out first-hand that I couldn’t have been further from the truth. One thing that I really like about working at Elliott Scott is the company culture. I feel comfortable and welcome with everyone in the team and it has been that way from the start. A skill that I was determined to work on and a personal goal I had set for myself is to be more confident within a team and Elliott Scott provided me with the perfect environment to do that in. 

The past three months have been an invaluable experience, to say the least, going into this internship I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to be able to achieve as the world of recruitment was all new to me. My responsibilities during this internship have been a complete mixed bag, one day I would be designing graphics for the company's LinkedIn page or website, and the next I would be interpreting website analytics and creating data reports. This is something that I have really valued as being so early on in my career, I was unaware of all of the different roles that make up a marketing function. This has given me the ability to find my strengths and weaknesses and also think a little bit more about what area of marketing I find most interesting and would like to pursue possibly in the future. Some highlights from the past 3 months that I have noted down as personal achievements are: seeing my work go out onto company platforms, for example when I wrote my first blog for the Elliott Scott HR website. Not being a very confident writer this was an achievement for me as I can see my confidence growing with every blog, blurb, or caption that I write. Developing my knowledge of HR and recruitment - I know a lot more about the industry than I did three months ago! Working on the brochure and seeing how it is developing with each version, has been one of my favorite tasks so far and I know the final result is going to be something I am really proud of. 

Overall the last three months have been a great experience, I feel like I have my own responsibilities and roles here and that the work I am doing is important and valued. The Elliott Scott Group has allowed me to be fully immersed in the marketing function and in turn given me some amazing work experience. 

I feel really grateful that I was lucky enough to land such an amazing opportunity during such a competitive and difficult job market and also happy to announce that my contract has been extended for another 6 months under the new title and position of Marketing Assistant. I’m very excited to be spending another 6 months with the Elliott Scott Group team!