HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 5: Stuck in a Rut: Flourishing at Work

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Charlie Girling

Charlie Girling

This week, our CEO & Host Stuart Elliott sat down with a familiar face at Elliott Scott HR, Charlie Girling, to speak about coaching, burnout and flourishing environments. 
Charlie has previously worked with the team in the UK as a key speaker at the ‘Making Coaching Accessible’ event. She is an experienced Executive Coach with an MSc in Coaching Psychology and Applied Positive Coaching. Charlie is also the Founder of W-health, a coaching and consulting business which provides performance coaching, workshops and Positive Psychology based toolkits for HR professionals to help their organisations flourish. She has a mission to create more healthy and prosperous workplaces, make coaching accessible and upskill HR’s toolkit in these rapidly changing times. 
In this episode Charlie and Stuart sit down to discuss her company; W-health, burnout, work stress, mental health crisis, positive psychology, flourishing workplaces, and escaping the downward spiral. 

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Key Timestamps:
-       02:12 – Intro into Charlie Girling and W-health
-       11:13 – Defining burnout
-       16:02 – Stress at work
-       19:26 – Mental health crisis 
-       24:06 – Positive psychology 
-       29:15 – Flourishing workplaces

-       44:28 – Escaping a downward spiral