HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 1: Keeping Calm in a Crisis – Transferable Strategies From a HR Leader

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


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Emily Ramji's guest this week is Taylor Bradley, Director of HR for Global Product Development at Datto. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Taylor shares a unique perspective and several strategies that he’s developed for his HR role, that are taken from his earlier career as an international medic.

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Key Timestamps:

4.24: Lessons learnt from the impact of the Coronavirus in the East leading to being more on the front foot in preparing for the pandemic in the West

9.47: The practicalities of managing a team remotely

11.43: What has worked from a leadership standpoint when dealing with this new situation

14.37: Some models and strategies from Taylor's former career that he's actively used within the HR profession

30.51: Mental health and Covid-19- assisting and distracting our employees

37.12: Closing advice to the HR community currently managing their organisation’s response to the pandemic and economic crisis