HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 2: Unhappy Parents Are Bad for Business: Rethinking Parental Support

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


We’re happy to share the latest episode of HR Insights – The Podcast.

This week our host Emily Ramji is speaking to Sofie Jacobs, founder of Urban Hatch. Sofie is a clinical midwife and entrepreneur who is re-defining parental support strategies for the workplace.

Emily and Sofie discuss the opportunity organisations have to re-think parental support; partnering not just with expectant parents but also with their line managers and by providing digital and accessible solutions at the moments that matter most.

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Key Timestamps

0.31: Introduction to Sofie

3.59: What is lacking in parental support for expectant and new parents?

6.20: Parental support should be available for everyone

7.04: Focusing on support for line managers

12.58: Supporting the whole family

14.25: Advice for best practice in parental support

15.51: Benefits of getting parental support right

18.09: Silver-lining coming out of COVID-19

20.01: Lasting advice for our listeners