HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: Change Management for a Changing World

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


This week on HR Insights – The Podcast, our host Stuart Elliott is speaking to Friska Wirya, Principal Owner of Fresh by Friska.

Friska is a change management expert who turns sceptical stakeholders into involved participants who want to co-create change in their organisations. She’s led change efforts for the digital transformation of a large ASX-listed miner, spearheaded changes impacting 23,000 stakeholders and a $42m tech implementation for the world’s largest policing jurisdiction.

In today’s episode Stuart and Friska discuss change management in the changing world we find ourselves in, tools to effectively generate and communicate change across the organisation and also manage leaders wellbeing during a large scale process.

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Key timestamps:

4.40: How to manage change fatigue

7.10: The team dynamic in a hybrid environment 

 8.49: Top tips for change management in the current uncertain climate 

 12.40: Company communication on change through video updates 

 14.58: Building engagement capital 

 16.17: Tools to get employees involved & engaged in change workshops 

 20.19: Dealing with someone who dominates conversations

 22.19: Advice to employees going through culture change in the hybrid environment and companies who have done this well 

 24.30: Tools to identify your company culture 

 28.50: Leaders wellbeing during large scale change