HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 3: Successful HR Transformation on a Global Scale

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


In this week’s episode, our host, Stuart Elliott chats to Dr Rebecca Koch, Chief People Officer - Europe, at one of the biggest logistics firms in the world; DB Schenker.

As a Senior HR Executive with global leadership experience, Rebecca has a proven track record in leading change, driving (HR) transformation, building high-performing organisations, developing talent, managing crises, and succeeding in fast changing environments. Rebecca is considered an expert in her field and specialises in leading change.

In this episode Rebecca talks us through the complications of change, the best way to achieve success and how to navigate cultural differences when driving global change.

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Key Timestamps:

9.15: Key aspects to have in place before rolling out change

11.34: Managing people through change

12.12: Dealing with resistance to change

16.18: The impact of country and local cultures on a successful global transformation

18.43: Crucial elements of change management

19.55: Change and the younger working generation

21.37: Learning curves from living abroad

24.57: Getting buy in from the business

27.47: Lessons learnt from unsuccessful change management

30.04: 3 key hints and tips for rolling out a global transformation project