HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 4: Can AI Predict Burnout?

Stuart Elliott

By Stuart Elliott


Ben Williams

Ben Williams

Welcome back to this episode of HR Insights: The Podcast!

This week our host; CEO and Owner of Elliott Scott HR, Stuart Elliott is joined by  Ben Williams CEO of Loopin, for a conversation about life, ambition and starting a company based on talking about mental wellbeing.

Loopin is an award-winning Slack-integrated tool, using AI technology and emotion data to predict employee trends and support managers with real-time interventions. Loopin aims to create an environment where it is okay to show vulnerability and emotion.

Ben, who you may recognise from his episode of the podcast ' The Diary of a CEO', is the Founder of Loopin alongside Antony, they were both Royal Marine Commandos and through this experience have developed a wealth of knowledge in leadership, communication, and peer-to-peer support. In March 2020, the pandemic changed the way we all work; since then there has been an increase of people feeling stressed, less motivated, and full of anxiety. With this in mind and scientific research behind them Ben and Antony created Loopin, a tool that aims to make people feel ‘more human’ at work. Loopin will check in with teams daily and only takes 10 seconds, its a great way to track your mental wellbeing privately or openly and encourages the conversation around mental health.

In this episode Ben and Stuart discuss Ben’s struggles in the past; what led him to make the jump and join the Royal Marines and how he developed Loopin and what this tool can do when integrated with your organisation.

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Key Timestamps:
00:57- An introduction to Ben Williams
03:30- Ben’s Background
06:53- Joining the Royal Marines
13:11- The silver bullet
14:36- Leaving the Royal Marines
17:49- Founding Loopin
21:19- Bring your true self to work
21:44- What does Loopin actually do?
26:22- Engaging with Loopin
29:39- Which sectors are embracing Loopin?
31:34- Looking after your mental health
33:43- Hybrid working
35:18- Why choose Loopin?