HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 1: Leveraging AI and Technology to Engage a Remote Workforce

Emily Ramji

By Emily Ramji


It is widely expected that remote working will continue for an extended period of time. Leaders and HR teams can no longer rely on traditional, face-to-face approaches for employee management and engagement. How can AI and digital solutions be leveraged to enable organisations to adapt to the new work set-up?

In this episode of HR Insights - The Podcast Emily Ramji chats to Devyani Vaishampayan, Managing Partner of the HR Tech Partnership to understand her perspective and experience of AI and HR technology.

New episodes will be released every fortnight.

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Key Timestamps:

4.41: How is AI overall impacting the workforce?

8.30: AI in your everyday life

9.30: Given the current circumstances, how can AI solutions be used?

20.02: Other areas of the HR function where digital can make an immediate impact

22.01: How can HR professionals learn and up-skill themselves around AI?

26.26: Finding the right HR tech solutions for your business needs