HR Insights - The Podcast. Series 2: How To Create an Inclusive Culture

3 Minutes

This week on HR Insights - The Podcast, our host Emily Ramji is speaking to Paul Anderson-Wa...

This week on HR Insights - The Podcast, our host Emily Ramji is speaking to Paul Anderson-Walsh, Co-Founder & CEO at The Centre for Inclusive Leadership (TCFIL). 

Paul is a global thought leader on Inclusion working as a L&D Practitioner, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Broadcaster. Creating an Inclusive culture is of paramount importance not only for talent attraction, wellbeing and retention but also for commercial performance and viability. 

In today's episode, Emily and Paul discuss "HEARS"; a proprietary model that Paul and his team at TCFIL have created to help organisations practically apply inclusion in the workplace. 

New episodes will be released every fortnight. 

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Key Timestamps: 

  • 3:10 : The definition of Inclusion
  • 5:48 : About the HEARS model 
  • 11:30 : The importance of Authenticity 
  • 13:40 : How organisations can focus on Authenticity 
  • 15:20 : Inclusion and Diversity - How can we treat people equally well? 
  • 22:00 : Clients that have successfully implemented the HEARS model 
  • 23:50 : Why organisations should consider fostering inclusivity