Psychometric Testing

Elliott Scott to offer Psychometric Testing via SteppingStone Consulting

At Elliott Scott we are constantly looking at ways that we can improve our service offering to both candidates and clients and it is down to this that we have struck a new and innovative partnership.

From the 16th January onwards, working with SteppingStone Consulting, a psychology-based HR consultancy, we can offer clients a more structured recruitment approach through a selected range of psychometric assessments.

What is Psychometric Assessment?

Psychometric assessment measures the personal characteristics of people in an objective and standardized way; most commonly focusing on areas such as critical thinking, business acumen and personality fit, including leadership and interpersonal style, management skills and team orientation.

Benefits to the Candidate

Personal awareness is a critical component of career development. Assessment information will highlight your strengths and areas for development, and help to understand your motivational drivers and suitable working environments. This insight is very useful to present yourself effectively to employers, prepare for interviews and identify transferable skills when considering an industry or career change.

Benefits to the Employer

Hiring the wrong people is costly. Adding psychometric testing to our pre-screening and strong interview techniques provides a comprehensive perspective of shortlisted candidates’ past experiences, capabilities, team and culture fit. This assists to determine their suitability for the position in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and also gives a clear insight into their future potential.

The Assessments we Offer

Based on years of hands-on experience delivering talent and leadership assessment services to organisations across industries and sectors, SteppingStone Consulting recommends using two innovative online tests developed by the cut-e group – a world leader in the design of occupational tests and questionnaires, assessing over 2 million candidates per year in more than 70 countries and 30 languages.

The two assessments that we currently offer:

Shapes personality questionnaire - measures a person’s key competencies on interactive, operational, intellectual and emotional level across 18 dimensions. This assessment allows insight on a candidate’s potential for a position, even if the candidate has no prior experience. There are four versions of Shapes for specific target groups ranging from fresh graduates to senior executives.

Views motivation and values questionnaire - measures an individual’s job-related values,
motives and interests across 18 values grouped into three areas: objectives, relationships and environment. This questionnaire assesses the ‘cultural fit’ of a candidate with a team, department or company.

In addition to these two assessments, the cut-e range of products includes tests, such as numerical, verbal, abstract and other cognitive abilities. If you are interested in these areas, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Why we like it

In short: insight and administrative ease. The tools provide insight into areas that are not easily measured in a traditional setting. A link to the test can be sent via email to the candidate, who can complete it online in their own time. It is a simple and effective method of testing that can enhance any recruitment process and a useful tool for candidates wanting to develop a further understanding of their career interest, capabilities and potential.


The cost of the tests can be discussed with an Elliott Scott consultant, please Contact Us to learn more.

Stuart Elliott

Managing Director

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