Rapid Change in the Global Mobility Industry


I recently had the privilege to attend the Worldwide ERC Americas Mobility Conference in Dallas.

This was an incredible opportunity for me to catch up with my candidates, clients and friends in the industry. I was able to get their perspective on the Global Mobility market, discuss some of their current challenges and offer up solutions that can help turn those challenges into advantages and set them apart from their competitors.

The current hot topic, as we found from our 2017/18 Global Mobility survey, is technology and it’s already starting to turn the industry upside down. Incredible systems are being created by firms to help their clients effectively manage their mobility programs which includes everything from tax, immigration, corporate housing and more.

Overall, there is a lot of movement and activity taking place within the space and many believe that this is a unique time where firms that can truly solve their clients problems will be able to capitalize on this.

The way in which relocation/mobility solutions are being sold to corporations has changed completely. Now, more than ever, a much more consultative and sophisticated understanding and approach is required in order to successfully sell to potential customers. In a world where we communicate both personally and professionally primarily through social media, companies must take advantage of these platforms in order to be noticed. Marketing on networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter are vital tools for brand strengthening that can get you in front of and attract the very best clients and partners.

Another interesting thing we are seeing, from a candidate perspective in the industry, is an increase in the ability to work remotely. One candidate I met with shared that only sales people and a few other specialist positions were able to work outside the office, but now individuals in all different types of roles such as counsellor, client services, compensation etc. have this ability. Firms have much greater capabilities than they have previously and this allows them to collaborate with team members, transferees and their customers just as effectively wherever they are with employee morale remaining high, if not improved. My candidate said he believes that the request to work from home at least part time is going to eventually become the norm, as he and many others would only consider opportunities with this possibility moving forward. 

My main takeaway from the conference was that despite this being an unknown and exciting time for the industry, there are some areas which will always remain the same. The one that everyone agrees on is that it is all about the people and that this will always be a people focused sector no matter what. This is evident in the business relationships, partnerships, and friendships we form and of course the most important reason that we are all here in the first place, the relocating employees.

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