HR Insights Market Update: A Q4 Recap

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Our most recent newsletter, received by our HR community. ...

Our most recent newsletter, received by our HR community.

In this video Stuart is joined by our Group Marketing Manager, Emily Abbott who interviews him, recapping the last quarter of 2022 and what we can expect for 2023. Stuart shares his thoughts on what we saw at the end of last year across all regions, highlighting the drop in job numbers and the change in client priorities. This video also looks into people agenda trends, what candidates are looking for when applying for a new role and what you can expect to see from us this coming year.
In my last update I shared with you all how thrilled I am to be able to travel and interact with the global team in person again, in Q3 I visited our New York team where I filmed the last market update. In Q4 of 2022 I was lucky enough to be able to travel to Singapore, visiting our expanding team in that region and our Hong Kong team also joined us which was a great way to build stronger connections across the region.

As I said in my market update above, Q4 was our slowest of 2022, where we saw, for the first time last year, a fall in job numbers, luckily this hasn’t affected us too much, but we are looking at a possible shift in priorities from candidates going forward into 2023 if this economy continues. Although Q4 was disappointing in terms of job numbers, the teams and me were kept in high spirits and enjoyed festive celebrations, promotions, and new joiners.

We have some great upcoming projects to share with you over the next year, some things you can look forward to include; season 5 of HR Insights: The Podcast, HR Events and more great content from our HR experts, join our community below so you don't miss a thing. I'm looking forward to seeing where 2023 takes us!

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